Offshore Services

Cloud Interactive always ensures that we are on the bleeding age of the services required. We provide our customers the best in every way. We have the best equipment and highly experienced team to provide our clients with efficient, reliable and affordable solutions. Services we offer range from basic consultancy through to complete management and development of enterprise level systems.

Project/Development Consultancy

Have experts analyse and scope out all your project, application or development life cycle. We are able to assist in identifying, analysing and specifying what needs to be done and how to carry it out in the most efficient manner.

Web Application Development

Build or customise applications based on your requirements and business.

Application Integration

Integrate applications or systems seamlessly to your satisfaction, increasing the synergy of components of your organisation.

Mobile Application Development

Build mobile applications or websites and take advantage of the growing medium.

QA & Testing

Get it right the first time and limit errors or risk with projects. Use our QA services or have an individual QA engineer or test assigned to your team.

Maintenance & Support

Increase your business productivity and have us manage your maintenance or support. Let us help you increase value instead of having your resources consumed.

Digital Marketing

Have us build, test and deploy your communication. We help create communication that works – via email, mobile, direct mail, web, competitions, surveys and campaign pages.


When your site is built, we will help your users and clients find you. We’ll help you leverage the synergies between Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Maximising your search budgets and ROI.

Dedicate Teams

Have us help you identify what skills are needed and built a team that suits your needs. Or tell us what you like and we will provide you a team with the skillsets that you wish. Our teams are transparent, competent, and flexible ensuring that we deliver the best value for money.

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