Top 6 Actionable Tips to Optimise Your Ecommerce Website

The last few years have been very encouraging for ecommerce. A recent study revealed that global retail ecommerce sales will reach $4.5 Trillion by 2021. Already a booming industry, ecommerce is now raring to go where no other forms of business have thought of going.

Same day deliveries, increased use of videos, higher digital advertising spend and, more focused and minimalistic websites are going to be the top trends for the next few years. The last mentioned trend is important for e-business owners because of the design and functionality of an ecommerce website drive conversions. For any ecommerce website, conversions are critical.

Are you looking for ways to make your ecommerce website more attractive than others and drive more conversions? The following six tips will help you optimize your website and achieve


What's the first thing your customer will see when they come to your website? Your Landing Page - your biggest chance to make a great first impression. It is the era of "minimalistic". Keep your landing page simple and straightforward.

Do you have a wide variety of products to sell? Just ensure you have a search function that helps your customers can find what they are looking for without much trouble. Also, avoid cluttering the landing page with too many advertisements or too much information.  All things said and done, you’d want to give your customers a delightful shopping experience.


What’s in a colour? Well, actually a lot. A turquoise blue isn’t just blue. An olive green is different from bottle green. Using the right colour for your ecommerce store helps your enhance your brand and encourages your customers to visit your website more often. Not to mention the psychology of colour that will drive them to your website. For instance, the colour white is associated with purity and neutrality, while the colour red is associated with love, excitement, warmth or even anger. Purple seems royal and successful while pink tends to be calming. Colours such as black, grey and silver are considered sophisticated and classy. Pick a colour that best reflects your business mood or belief and sees that site traffic improving.

Plugins and Loading Speed

Including the right plugins or apps for your customers will make shopping on your website an absolute pleasure. Try any of these plugins/apps- MailChimp, LiveChat and Affiliates Plugins.

However, don’t let the apps or design elements slow down the website loading. Remember your customers access your website on the various devices - desktop, laptop or handheld devices – and each device may have different internet speed. Use easy to load apps, compress all your images so the ratio between quality and speed is optimal.

The Checkout

You've successfully drawn your customers to your website and they are at the last stage of purchase. Do not let anything go wrong at this stage when they are about to pay and check out. Your ecommerce site should offer a variety of payment options and the payment gateways must be secure. Have a simple "minimum clicks" check out the process without asking your customer for too many details. If possible, have a reasonable shipping cost and reliable shipment service.

Search Engine Optimisation

Let’s face it. If you want to drive organic search traffic to your website, you will need good quality content. Ensure that the content on your website is contemporary, relevant and engaging. Avoid keyword stuffing because Google is cranking up its algorithms to differentiate between good quality and bad quality content. Invest your resources in creating informative and engaging content and synchronize your content marketing efforts with your overall marketing goals. With quality content, attractive colour and design, appropriate plugins/apps, SEO and an efficient checkout process, you can win big in the world of online business.

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