Four Ways to Increase Brand Awareness on Social Media

Four Ways to Increase Brand Awareness  on Social Media

Brand awareness is an extremely important aspect of marketing campaigns, at least during the initial stages of business. As is the case when meeting people, introducing potential customers to a product or service in the right way matters because first impressions count.

Think of Nike's trademark swoosh. The iconic swoosh is so popular that Nike doesn't even need to include the brand name on its products or promotions. That's the power of brand awareness. For most businesses today, using social media platform for creating and enhancing brand awareness is an obvious business strategy. Here are five ways to create brand awareness for your business on social media:

Identify your Target Audience

First step would be to find those that may be interested in your brand or services. This will help you understand the type of social media platforms your prospects may use, which in turn will help you optimize your content accordingly. Observe how people talk about and respond to similar businesses across various social platforms. Then narrow down your brand awareness building efforts accordingly.

Create Quality Content – Balance It

When you provide fresh, informative and data backed content, you create trust and authority with your online audience. Chances are they will perceive your brand in a positive light and turn into loyal customers in a short span of time. However, remember to balance the content across the various social media platforms. For instance, it would be of little use to post aggressively on your Facebook page while ignoring your LinkedIn company profile. Also, always adapt the core message of your social media posts to suit the platform. Avoid being overtly promotional. Include a few posts that offer insights, tips and nuances of your brand.

Involve, Interact, Engage

You may use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or any other social media platform but the fundamental premise of social media is to "Be social". Your social media content shouldn't be omnidirectional or preachy. Begin by sharing a few thought provoking posts, throw in a dash of humour for good measure, and invite people to share their thoughts. Answer the queries posted on your profile and respond to their comments (good or bad). Interesting posts and responses tend to go viral quickly and are a great way to create brand awareness.

Show, Don't Tell

Do you want to tell your customers about the benefits of your products or services so they are persuaded to buy from you? Well, don't. Instead demonstrate to your potential customers how your product works, its benefits and also include a couple of testimonials showing your happy customers. Usually a free demo or a no-risk, money back trial does the trick. When you make the offer via social media, your business is more likely to garner likes and shares and earn popularity online.

The Bottom line

It has been adequately established in the recent years that social media is an ideal avenue for earning a good reputation among the masses. Apart from that, brand awareness created via social media is a great way to maintain existing customers while simultaneously entering new markets. Building social awareness for your brand will help you stay ahead of your competition and develop a strong and positive reputation within your industry.

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